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2012 What happens after enrollment? An analysis of the time path of racial differences in GPA and major choiceArcidiacono, Peter / Aucejo, Esteban M. / Spenner, Ken
2011 Do they understand the benefits from education? Evidence on Dutch high school students' earnings expectationsMazza, Jacopo / Hartog, Joop
2010 Smart and dangerous: How cognitive skills drive the intergenerational transmission of retaliationHenry, Ruby
2011 The intergenerational transmission of cognitive and non-cognitive skills during adolescence and young adulthoodAnger, Silke
2011 The effect of compulsory schooling laws on teenage marriage and births in TurkeyKirdar, Murat G. / Tayfur, Meltem Dayioglu / Koç, Ismet
2013 Allocation of Human Capital and Innovation at the Frontier: Firm-Level Evidence on Germany and the NetherlandsBartelsman, Eric Jan / Dobbelaere, Sabien / Peters, Bettina
2011 Everybody needs good neighbours? Evidence from students' outcomes in EnglandGibbons, Steve / Silva, Olmo / Weinhardt, Felix
2009 Pro-Poor Progress in Education in Developing Countries?Hartgen, Kenneth / Klasen, Stephan / Misselhorn, Mark
2010 Going beyond average Joe's Happiness: Using quantile regressions to analyze the full subjective well-being distributionBinder, Martin / Coad, Alex
2011 How does colonial origin matter for economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa?Agbor, Julius A.

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