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2013 The effect of foreclosure on Boston public school student academic performanceBradbury, Katharine / Burke, Mary A. / Triest, Robert K.
2015 Do Schools Discriminate Against Homosexual Parents? Evidence from an Internet Field ExperimentDiaz-Serrano, Luis / Meix-Llop, Enric
2010 Going beyond average Joe's Happiness: Using quantile regressions to analyze the full subjective well-being distributionBinder, Martin / Coad, Alex
2015 Financial education, literacy and investment attitudesBrugiavini, Agar / Cavapozzi, Danilo / Padula, Mario / Pettinicchi, Yuri
2010 Nem-kognitív készségek mérése az oktatási integrációs program hatásvizsgálatábanKézdi, Gábor / Surányi, Éva
2013 Does the market value value-added? Evidence from housing prices after a public release of school and teacher value-addedImberman, Scott Andrew / Lovenheim, Michael
2011 How does colonial origin matter for economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa?Agbor, Julius A.
2008 Does a generous welfare state crowd out student effort? Panel data evidence from international student testsFalch, Torberg / Fischer, Justina A. V.
2011 Ethnic discrimination in high school grading: Evidence from a field experimentTyrefors Hinnerich, Björn / Höglin, Erik / Johannesson, Magnus
2013 What triggers school improvement? Evidence from a court induced change in Florida's A+ accountability planSiegler, Benedikt

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