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DateTitle Authors
2009 Intergenerational transmission of human capital in early childhoodConeus, Katja / Sprietsma, Maresa
2009 Nomination contests: theory and empirical evidence from professional soccerMiklós-Thal, Jeanine / Ullrich, Hannes
2009 Discrimination in grading? Experimental evidence from primary schoolSprietsma, Maresa
2008 Comenius, ein moderner PädagogeBojack, Regina / Bojack, Barbara
2008 Every catholic child in a catholic school: historical resistance to state schooling, contemporary private competition, and student achievement across countriesWest, Martin R. / Wößmann, Ludger
2008 The causal effect of parent's schooling on children's schooling: a comparison of estimation methodsHolmlund, Helena / Lindahl, Mikael / Plug, Erik
2008 Job market signaling and employer learningAlós-Ferrer, Carlos / Prat, Julien
2008 Incorporating cost in power analysis for three-level cluster randomized designsKonstantopoulos, Spyros
2008 Armed conflict and schooling: evidence from the 1994 Rwandan genocideAkresh, Richard / de Walque, Damien
2009 How consistent are class size effects?Konstantopoulos, Spyros

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