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2003 School Quality, Educational Attainment and Aggregation BiasFertig, Michael / Wright, Robert E.
2008 Education and early career outcomes of second-generation immigrants in FranceBelzil, Christian / Poinas, François
2008 Is the GED an effective route to postsecondary education for school dropouts?Tyler, John / Lofstrom, Magnus
2008 Self-selection into teaching: the role of teacher education institutionsDenzler, Stefan / Wolter, Stefan C.
2008 Graduate employment in the UK: an application of the Gottschalk-Hansen modelGrazier, Suzanne / O'Leary, Nigel C. / Sloane, Peter J.
2011 The effectiveness of English secondary schools for pupils of different ability levelsDearden, Lorraine / Micklewright, John / Vignoles, Anna
2008 Quasi-experimental estimates of the effect of class size on achievement in NorwayLeuven, Edwin / Oosterbeek, Hessel / Rønning, Marte
2008 Does distance determine who attends a university in Germany?Spieß, Christa Katharina / Wrohlich, Katharina
2010 Valuing school quality via a school choice reformMachin, Stephen / Salvanes, Kjell G.
2008 Does the expansion of higher education increase the equality of educational opportunities? Evidence from ItalyBratti, Massimiliano / Checchi, Daniele / Blasio, Guido de

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