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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015The rise of noncommunicable diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges for public health policiesAnauati, Maria Victoria; Galiani, Sebastian; Weinschelbaum, Federico
2012Health status, functional limitations and disability: Changes in PolandGolinowska, Stanislawa; Sowa, Agnieszka
2013Mental illness and unhappinessLayard, Richard; Chisholm, Dan; Patel, Vikram; Saxena, Shekhar
2015The Design of Insurance Coverage for Medical Products under Imperfect CompetitionBardey, David; Cremer, Helmuth; Lozachmeur, Jean-Marie
2011Long-term effects of early childhood malaria exposure on education and health: Evidence from colonial TaiwanChang, Simon; Fleisher, Belton M.; Kim, Seonghoon; Liu, Shi-yung
2013Food Prices and Population Health in Developing Countries: An Investigation of the Effects of the Food Crisis Using a Panel AnalysisLee, Suejin; Lim, Jae-Young; Lee, Hyun-Hoon; Park, Cyn-Young
2013A comparison between general population mortality and life tables for insurance in Mexico under gender proportion inequalityOrnelas, Arelly; Guillén, Montserrat
2014The Length of Maternity Leave and Family HealthBeuchert, Louise Voldby; Humlum, Maria Knoth; Vejlin, Rune Majlund
2009Traffic lights and food choice: A choice experiment examining the relationship between nutritional food labels and priceBalcombe, Kelvin; Fraser, Iain; di Falco, Salvatore
2006National food policies impacting on food security: The experience of India, a large populated countryAcharya, S. S.