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2009 Child care subsidies and childhood obesityHerbst, Chris M. / Tekin, Erdal
2009 The effect of an employer health insurance mandate on health insurance coverage and the demand for labor: evidence from HawaiiBuchmueller, Thomas C. / DiNardo, John / Valletta, Robert G.
2009 Do the obese really die younger or do health expenditures buy them extra years?Frijters, Paul / Barón, Juan D.
2010 Public and Private Health Insurance in Germany: The Ignored Risk Selection ProblemGrunow, Martina / Nuscheler, Robert
2008 Estimating individual total costs of domestic violenceSantos, Cristina
2009 Do all material incentives for prosocial activities backfire? The response to cash and non-cash incentives for blood donationsLacetera, Nicola / Macis, Mario
2010 Impact of an Affimative Action Program in Employment on Child Mortality in Indiavan den Berg, Gerard J. / Bergemann, Annette / Gupta, Sumedha
2013 The Maximum Number of Parameters for the Hausman Test When the Estimators are from Different Sets of EquationsNawata, Kazumitsu / McAleer, Michael
2004 Estimating the Value of a Statistical Life : The Importance of Omitted Variables and Publication BiasAshenfelter, Orley C. / Greenstone, Michael
2012 Avaliação de eficiência em sistemas de saúde: Brasil, América Latina, Caribe e OCDEMarinho, Alexandre / Cardoso, Simone de Souza / de Almeida, Vivian Vicente

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