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2007 Labour market outcomes of immigrants in Germany: the importance of heterogeneity and attrition biasFertig, Michael / Schurer, Stefanie
2008 Less social health insurance - more private supplementary insurance?: empirical evidence from GermanyAugurzky, Boris / Tauchmann, Harald
2008 Demand, selection and patient outcomes in German acute care hospitalsSchwierz, Christoph / Augurzky, Boris / Focke, Axel / Wasem, Jürgen
2008 Obesity and developmental functioning among children aged 2-4 yearsCawley, John / Spieß, Christa Katharina
2011 Socio-economic inequality of immunization coverage in IndiaLauridsen, Jørgen / Pradhan, Jalandhar
2009 Response to Baker and Fugh-Berman's critique of my paper, Why has longevity increased more in some states than in others?Lichtenberg, Frank
2012 The effect of unemployment on the mental health of spouses: Evidence from plant closures in GermanyMarcus, Jan
2010 Much ado about nothing? Smoking bans and Germany's hospitality industryKvasnicka, Michael / Tauchmann, Harald
2012 Unemployment and smoking: Causation, selection, or common cause? Evidence from longitudinal dataSchunck, Reinhard / Rogge, Benedikt G.
2011 Socioeconomic heterogeneity in the effect of health shocks on earnings: Evidence from population-wide data on Swedish workersLundborg, Petter / Nilsson, Martin / Vikström, Johan

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