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2009 Determinants of avoidable deaths from ischaemic heart diseases in East and West GermanySchwierz, Christoph / Wübker, Ansgar
2009 Does the quality of hospital treatment vary by days of the week?Schwierz, Christoph / Augurzky, Boris / Wasem, Jürgen
2009 Rising mortality and life expectancy differentials by lifetime earnings in the United StatesCristia, Julian P.
2013 Long-term effects of diabetes prevention: Evaluation of the M.O.B.I.L.I.S. program for obese personsHäußler, Jan / Breyer, Friedrich
2010 Is there an income gradient in child health? It depends whom you askJohnston, David W. / Propper, Carol / Pudney, Stephen E. / Shields, Michael A.
2005 Antidepressants and the Suicide Rate: Is There Really a Connection?Dahlberg, Matz / Lundin, Douglas
2010 The effect of compulsory schooling on health: Evidence from biomarkersJürges, Hendrik / Kruk, Eberhard / Reinhold, Steffen
2013 Long-term effects of Diabetes prevention: Evaluation of the M.O.B.I.L.I.S. program for Obese personsHäußler, Jan / Breyer, Friedrich
2009 Does education shield against common mental disorders?Johansson, Edvard / Böckerman, Petri / Martelin, Tuija / Pirkola, Sami / Poikolainen, Kari
2013 The Influence of Child Care on Maternal Health and Mother-Child InteractionKröll, Alexandra / Borck, Rainald

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