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2012 Transcriptional modulation of the developing immune system by early life social adversityCole, Steven W. / Conti, Gabriella / Arevalo, Jesusa M. / Ruggiero, Angela M. / Heckman, James J. / Suomi, Stephen J.
2012 Does mother know best? Parental discrepancies in assessing child functioningGupta, Nabanita Datta / Lausten, Mette / Pozzoli, Dario
2002 Money for Health: The Compensating Variation of Cardiovascular DiseasesGroot, Wim / Maassen van den Brink, Henriëtte / Plug, Erik
1998 The Mortality Crisis in East GermanyZimmermann, Klaus F. / Riphahn, Regina T.
2002 Estimating the Effect of Income on Health and Mortality Using Lottery Prizes as Exogenous Source of Variation in IncomeLindahl, Mikael
2002 Health and Work of the Elderly Subjective Health Measures, Reporting Errors and the Endogenous Relationship between Health and WorkLindeboom, Maarten / Kerkhofs, Marcel J. M.
2005 The Health Status of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous AustraliansBooth, Alison L. / Carroll, Nick
2014 A Validation Study of Transgenerational Effects of Childhood Conditions on the Third Generation Offspring's Economic and Health Outcomes Potentially Driven by Epigenetic Imprintingvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Pinger, Pia
2014 Ambient Temperature During Gestation and Cold-Related Adult Mortality in a Swedish Cohort, 1915 to 2002Bruckner, Tim A. / van den Berg, Gerard J. / Smith, Kirk R. / Catalano, Ralph A.
2014 Education and Cancer RiskLeuven, Edwin / Plug, Erik / Rønning, Marte

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