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2010 SES health gradients during the epidemiological transition: The case of ChinaLei, Xiaoyan / Yin, Nina / Zhao, Yaohui
2010 Disease prevalence, disease incidence, and mortality in the United States and in EnglandBanks, James / Muriel, Alastair / Smith, James P.
2009 The relationship between stature and insolation : evidence from soldiers and prisonersCarson, Scott Alan
2008 Being born under adverse economic conditions leads to a higher cardiovascular mortality rate later in life: evidence based on individuals born at different stages of the business cyclevan den Berg, Gerard J. / Doblhammer-Reiter, Gabriele / Christensen, Kaare
2008 Education, information, and improved health: evidence from breast cancer screeningChen, Keith / Lange, Fabian
2008 Parental marital disruption, family type, and transfers to disabled elderly parentsPezzin, Liliana E. / Pollak, Robert A. / Steinberg Schone, Barbara
2007 Physicians' multitasking and incentives: empirical evidence from a natural experimentDumont, Etienne / Fortin, Bernard / Jacquemet, Nicolas / Shearer, Bruce S.
2010 Health outcomes and socio-economic status among the elderly in China: Evidence from the CHARLS pilotSrauss, John / Lei, Xiaoyan / Park, Albert / Shen, Yan / Smith, James P.
2011 Demographic, residential, and socioeconomic effects on the distribution of 19th century white Body Mass Index valuesCarson, Scott A.
2013 Individual Behavior as a Pathway between Early-Life Shocks and Adult Health: Evidence from Hunger Episodes in Post-War GermanyKesternich, Iris / Siflinger, Bettina / Smith, James P. / Winter, Joachim K.

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