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2014 The mental and physical burden of caregiving: Evidence from administrative dataStroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Drug oversupply in nursing homes: An empirical evaluation of administrative dataStroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Nursing home prices and quality of care: Evidence from administrative dataReichert, Arndt R. / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2008 Intra-household arrangements and health satisfaction: Evidence from MexicoRojas, Mariano
2011 Health employment, medical spending, and long term health reformPauly, Mark V. / Saxena, Anand
2010 The trend of BMI values by centiles of US adults, birth cohorts 1882 - 1986Komlos, John / Brabec, Marek
2014 Do elderly choose nursing homes by quality, price or location?Schmitz, Hendrik / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2013 Effects of Psychiatric Disorders on Labor Market Outcomes: A Latent Variable Approach Using Multiple clinical IndicatorsBanerjee, Souvik / Chatterji, Pinka / Lahiri, Kajal
2009 The relationship between stature and insolation : evidence from soldiers and prisonersCarson, Scott Alan
2011 Demographic, residential, and socioeconomic effects on the distribution of 19th century white Body Mass Index valuesCarson, Scott A.

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