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2014 The Miracle Drugs: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Labor Market Behavior of Middle-Aged WomenDaysal, N. Meltem / Orsini, Chiara
2006 The economic impact of AIDS treatment: labor supply in Western KenyaThirumurthy, Harsha / Graff Zivin, Joshua / Goldstein, Markus
2006 Poverty, undernutrition, and child mortality: some inter-regional puzzles and their implications for research and policyKlasen, Stephan
2009 Do I really need to go to rehab? I'd say no, no, no.: estimating price elasticities of convalescent care programsZiebarth, Nicolas R.
2013 Happiness economicsFerrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
2006 Sibling death clustering in India: state dependence vs. unobserved heterogeneityArulampalam, Wiji / Bhalotra, Sonia
2010 Winning big but feeling no better? The effect of lottery prizes on physical and mental healthApouey, Bénédicte / Clark, Andrew E.
2010 Left behind: intergenerational transmission of human capital in the midst of HIV/AIDSAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude / Turan, Belgi
2010 Religion and child healthChiswick, Barry R. / Mirtcheva, Donka M.
2010 Fatal attraction? Access to early retirement and mortalityKuhn, Andreas / Wuellrich, Jean-Philippe / Zweimüller, Josef

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