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2013 Nonparametric estimation of a compensating variation: The cost of disabilityHancock, Ruth / Morciano, Marcello / Pudney, Stephen
2014 Gesundheitsforschung am DIW BerlinDuso, Tomaso / Haan, Peter / Wagner, Gert G.
2012 Disability costs and equivalence scales in the older populationMorciano, Marcello / Hancock, Ruth / Pudney, Stephen
2006 The economic impact of AIDS treatment: labor supply in Western KenyaThirumurthy, Harsha / Graff Zivin, Joshua / Goldstein, Markus
2009 Do I really need to go to rehab? I'd say no, no, no.: estimating price elasticities of convalescent care programsZiebarth, Nicolas R.
2013 Happiness economicsFerrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
2006 Poverty, undernutrition, and child mortality: some inter-regional puzzles and their implications for research and policyKlasen, Stephan
2002 Work and health in Switzerland: Immigrants and nativesWinkelmann, Rainer
2009 Weak IPR and imitation in the south and international exhaustion of patent rights in the north for innovated drugs: A policy gameAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María del Carmen
2009 Health systems, inequality and incentives to innovateAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María D. C.

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