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2011 Destined for (un)happiness: Does childhood predict adult life satisfaction?Frijters, Paul / Johnston, David W. / Shields, Michael A.
2009 New evidence on the role of remittances on health care expenditures by Mexican householdsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / Pozo, Susan
2011 Does early life health predict schooling within twin pairs?Lundborg, Petter / Nilsson, Anton / Rooth, Dan-Olof
2011 The psychological costs of war: Military combat and mental healthCesur, Resul / Sabia, Joseph J. / Tekin, Erdal
2010 Emotional prosperity and the Stiglitz CommissionOswald, Andrew J.
2011 Explaining the female black-white obesity gap: A decomposition analysis of proximal causesJohnston, David W. / Lee, Wang-Sheng
2011 The kid's speech: The effect of stuttering on human capital acquisitionRees, Daniel I. / Sabia, Joseph J.
2005 Unhealthy assimilation: why do immigrants converge to American health status levels?Antecol, Heather / Bedard, Kelly
2006 Does child abuse cause crime?Currie, Janet / Tekin, Erdal
2005 From the cradle to the labor market? The effect of birth weight on adult outcomesBlack, Sandra E. / Devereux, Paul J. / Salvanes, Kjell G.

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