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2009 Modell zur Ermittlung des Erhaltungsaufwandes von Kunst- und Kulturgütern in kommunalen BilanzenHeld, Bärbel
2012 Wage subsidies and international trade: When does policy coordination pay?Braun, Sebastian / Spielmann, Christian
2009 Global Governance of Global Monetary Relations: Rationale and FeasibilityFrieden, Jeffry A.
2015 Does exchange of information between tax authorities influence multinationals' use of tax havens?Braun, Julia / Weichenrieder, Alfons
1999 Tax competition and tax structure in open federal economies: evidence from OECD countries with implications for the European UnionGoodspeed, Timothy J.
2008 Who's afraid of an EU tax and why? Revenue system preferences in the European ParliamentMohl, Philipp / Heinemann, Friedrich / Osterloh, Steffen
2002 Factor Mobility, Government Debt and the Decline in Public InvestmentHeinemann, Friedrich
2008 The Political Economy of Corporate Tax Harmonization: Why Do European Politicians (Dis)like Minimum Tax Rates?Osterloh, Steffen / Heinemann, Friedrich
2009 Partisan politics in corporate tax competitionOsterloh, Steffen / Debus, Marc
2013 Sovereign risk premia: The link between fiscal rules and stability cultureOsterloh, Steffen / Heinemann, Friedrich / Kalb, Alexander

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