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2012 Discrimination in dynamic procurement design with learning-by-doingBarbosa, Klenio / Boyer, Pierre C.
2007 Will Corporate Tax Consolidation improve Efficiency in the EU ?van der Horst, Albert / Bettendorf, Leon / Rojas-Romagosa, Hugo
2013 Incumbent effects and partisan alignment in local elections: A regression discontinuity analysis using Italian dataBracco, Emanuele / Porcelli, Francesco / Redoano, Michela
2013 The fatter the tail, the fatter the climate agreement: Simulating the influence of fat tails in climate change damages on the success of international climate negotiationsDekker, Thijs / Dellink, Rob / Ketterer, Janina
2013 Reforming an asymmetric union: On the virtues of dual tier capital taxationHaufler, Andreas / Lülfesmann, Christoph
2012 Should tax policy favor high- or low-productivity firms?Langenmayr, Dominika / Haufler, Andreas / Bauer, Christian Josef
2013 Improving global public goods supply through conditional transfers: The international adaptation transfer riddleKaren, Pittel / Rübbelke, Dirk
2012 European Fiscal Union: What Is It? Does It Work? And Are There Really 'No Alternatives'?Fuest, Clemens / Peichl, Andreas
2015 Does exchange of information between tax authorities influence multinationals' use of tax havens?Braun, Julia / Weichenrieder, Alfons J.
2009 Der Kampf gegen internationale Steuerhinterziehung: Die OECD Initiativen gegen SteueroasenWinner, Hannes

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