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2005 Fiscal Federalism: Normative Criteria for Evaluations, Developments in Selected OECD Countries, and Empirical Evidence for RussiaThießen, Ulrich
2005 Fiscal Competition and the Composition of Public Spending: Theory and EvidenceBorck, Rainald / Caliendo, Marco / Steiner, Viktor
2004 Voters as a hard budget constraint: on the determination of intergovernmental grantsFeld, Lars P. / Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2003 Pluralism of competition policy paradigms and the call for regulatory diversityBudzinski, Oliver
2009 Migration of the highly skilled: Can Europe catch up with the US?Mechtenberg, Lydia / Strausz, Roland
2011 Saneamento básico no Brasil: Desenho institucional e desafios federativosdos Santos Cunha, Alexandre
2009 Corporate income taxation of multinationals and fiscal equalizationLiesegang, Caterina / Runkel, Marco
2009 Testing the tax competition theory : how elastic are national tax bases in OECD countries?Riedl, Aleksandra / Rocha-Akis, Silvia
2009 Local fiscal equalization in Estonia : is a reform necessary?Friedrich, Peter / Nam, Chang Woon / Reiljan, Janno
2010 Migration of the Talented: Can Europe catch up with the U.S.?Mechtenberg, Lydia / Strausz, Roland

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