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2015 Labor Mobility and Fiscal Policy in a Currency UnionBaglioni, Angelo / Boitani, Andrea / Bordignon, Massimo
2012 The stimulative effects of intergovernmental grants and the marginal cost of public fundsDahlby, Bev / Ferede, Ergete
2014 Russian sub-national actors: paradiplomacies in the Arctic regionSergunin, Alexander
2006 The dilemmas of tax coordination in the enlarged European UnionBrøchner, Jens / Jensen, Jesper / Svensson, Patrik / Sørensen, Peter Birch
2010 Partial tax coordination in a repeated game settingItaya, Jun-ichi / Okamura, Makoto / Yamaguchi, Chikara
2000 The political economy of EU enlargement and the Treaty of NiceHeinemann, Friedrich
2001 Cost-effective abatement of ground-level ozone in cities and for larger regions: Implications of non-monotonicityWolfgang, Ove
2009 Mehr zu den politischen Segnungen von FöderalismusSchneider, Andrea / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2015 Citizens' preferences for inter-municipal cooperation in rural areas: Evidence from a survey in three Hessian countiesBergholz, Christian / Bischoff, Ivo
2001 On the politicization of intergovernmental fiscal relations in Germany after unificationSchneider, Friedrich / Pitlik, Hans / Strotmann, Harald / Schmid, Günther

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