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2011 Estimating and predicting the distribution of the number of visits to the medical doctorDai, Jing / Zucchini, Walter / Sperlich, Stefan
2010 Are you well prepared for long-term care? Assessing financial gaps in private German care provisionKeese, Matthias / Meng, Annika / Schnabel, Reinhold
2009 School choice in German primary schools: How binding are school districts?Riedel, Andrea / Schneider, Kerstin / Schuchart, Claudia / Weishaupt, Horst
2012 An analysis of risk-taking behavior for public defined benefit pension plansMohan, Nancy / Zhang, Ting
2009 Estimated state and local fiscal effects of the Nurse Family Partnership programBartik, Timothy J.
2011 The effect of free primary school choice on ethnic groups: Evidence from a policy reformSchneider, Kerstin / Schuchart, Claudia / Weishaupt, Horst / Riedel, Andrea
2011 Segregation in primary schools - do school districts really matter? Evidence from policy reformsMakles, Anna / Schneider, Kerstin
2014 A SWOT analysis of the financial decentralization strategies for the Romanian pre-university educationMiricescu, Emilian-Constantin / Ţâţu, Lucian
2014 Kaufkraftbereinigte Renten in Deutschland: Eine Analyse auf KreisebeneMetzger, Christoph
2013 Government Ideology and Tuition Fee Policy: Evidence from the German StatesKauder, Björn / Potrafke, Niklas

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