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DateTitle Authors
2009 Asymmetric tax competition with formula apportionmentWrede, Matthias
2008 Agglomeration, tax competition, and fiscal equalizationWrede, Matthias
2009 Multinational capital structure and tax competitionWrede, Matthias
2002 The role of law in the governance of the internetEngel, Christoph
2006 Identifying Strategic Interactions in Swedish Local Income Tax PoliciesEdmark, Karin / Ågren, Hanna
2003 Relaxing the IIA Assumption in Locational Choice Models: A Comparison Between Conditional Logit, Mixed Logit, and Multinomial Probit ModelsDahlberg, Matz / Eklöf, Matias
2004 Is there a Race-to-the-Bottom in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels? Evidence from a Policy InterventionDahlberg, Matz / Edmark, Karin
1997 Leviathan and Competition among Jurisdictions: The Case of Benefit TaxationRauscher, Michael
1997 Environmental Policy, Firm Location, And Product Differentiation: The Role of Green Preferences and Inter-firm PollutionKuhn, Michael
2006 Globalisation and the mix of wage and profit taxesHaufler, Andreas / Klemm, Alexander / Schjelderup, Guttorm

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