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2009 Patriotism, taxation and international mobilityQari, Salmai / Konrad, Kai A. / Geys, Benny
2004 The optimal timing of school trackingBrunello, Giorgio / Giannini, Massimo / Ariga, Kenn
2004 Diploma No Problem : Can Private Schools Be of Lower Quality than Public Schools?Brunello, Giorgio / Rocco, Lorenzo
2005 Why is the timing of school tracking so heterogeneous?Ariga, Kenn / Brunello, Giorgio / Iwahashi, Roki / Rocco, Lorenzo
2006 What shapes attitudes toward paying taxes? Evidence from multicultural European countriesTorgler, Benno / Schneider, Friedrich G.
2012 Horizontal oder vertikal? Zur Zukunft des Finanzausgleichs in DeutschlandHeinemann, André W.
2005 Tax competition when firms choose their organizational form: Should tax loopholes for multinationals be closed?Bucovetsky, Sam / Haufler, Andreas
2006 Preferential tax regimes with asymmetric countriesBucovetsky, Sam / Haufler, Andreas
2011 Federalismo fiscal e petróleo no Brasil e no mundoGobetti, Sérgio Wulff
2004 Combining Dutch presumptive capital income tax and US qualified intermediaries to set forth a new system of international savings taxationGérard, Marcel

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