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2007 Strategic competition in Swedish local spaneding on childcare, schooling and care for the elderlyEdmark, Karin
2008 Is there an election cycle in public employment? Separating time effects from election year effectsDahlberg, Matz / Mörk, Eva
1998 On the effects of factor mobility on local infrastructure policy and rent-seekingLorz, Jens Oliver
2013 Moderating Political Extremism: Single Round vs Runoff Elections under Plurality RuleBordignon, Massimo / Nannicini, Tommaso / Tabellini, Guido
2000 Demand for Local Public Schooling: Another Brick in the Wall.Ahlin, Åsa / Johansson, Eva
2000 Sluggishness, Endogeneity and the Demand for Local Public ServicesDahlberg, Matz / Jacob, Johanna
2002 The Dynamics of Municipal Fiscal AdjustmentBuettner, Thiess / Wildasin, David E.
2010 Fiscal decentralization and urbanization in IndonesiaComola, Margherita / de Mello, Luiz
2011 The efficiency of states and cities: Is there a case for public land leasing and sales to finance India's cities?Sridhar, Kala Seetharam
2007 Protestantism and government spendig: A negative relationship? An empirical application to Swiss CantonsFischer, Justina A. V. / Schneider, Friedrich

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