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2007 Voting, lobbying, and the decentralization theoremLockwood, Benjamin
2008 The political competition-economic performance puzzle: evidence from the OECD countries and the Italian regionsPadovano, Fabio / Ricciuti, Roberto
2009 Fiscal competition over taxes and public inputs : theory and evidenceHauptmeier, Sebastian / Mittermaier, Ferdinand / Rincke, Johannes
2009 Fiscal rules and the opportunistic behaviour of the incumbent politician: evidence from Italian municipalitiesBartolini, David / Santolini, Raffaella
2013 Evidence on the Political Principal-Agent Problem from Voting on Public Finance for Concert HallsPotrafke, Niklas
2009 Do re-election probabilities influence public investment?Fiva, Jon H. / Natvik, Gisle James
2010 Demographische Strukturveränderungen und verzögerte Anpassung der GemeindefinanzenFreigang, Dirk / Seitz, Helmut
2001 Individual demand for local public schooling: Evidence from Swedish survey dataAhlin, Åsa / Johansson, Eva
2009 The welfare effects of discriminating between in-state and out-of-state studentsHübner, Malte
2010 Welfare Competition in Germany: Decentralization, the Intensity of Competition and some evidence for the factor flow theoryHübner, Malte

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