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2007 Strategic Competition in Swedish Local Spending on Childcare, Schooling and Care for the ElderlyEdmark, Karin
2012 Voters prefer more qualified mayors, but does it matter for public finances? Evidence for GermanyFreier, Ronny / Thomasius, Sebastian
2013 Does expenditure composition influence the debt level? Evidence from German federal statesStegarescu, Dan
2000 Central Governance or Subsidiarity: A Property-Rights Approach to FederalismLülfesmann, Christoph
2007 Are the elderly a threat to educational expenditures?Cattaneo, Maria Alejandra / Wolter, Stefan C.
2007 Voting, lobbying, and the decentralization theoremLockwood, Benjamin
2008 The political competition-economic performance puzzle: evidence from the OECD countries and the Italian regionsPadovano, Fabio / Ricciuti, Roberto
2009 Fiscal competition over taxes and public inputs : theory and evidenceHauptmeier, Sebastian / Mittermaier, Ferdinand / Rincke, Johannes
2009 Fiscal rules and the opportunistic behaviour of the incumbent politician: evidence from Italian municipalitiesBartolini, David / Santolini, Raffaella
2013 Evidence on the Political Principal-Agent Problem from Voting on Public Finance for Concert HallsPotrafke, Niklas

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