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2010 Administrative Structure and Inner-Metropolitan Tax CompetitionKauder, Björn
2004 The Enrollment Effect of Secondary School Fees in Post-War GermanyRiphahn, Regina T.
2010 Corporate tax regime and international allocation of ownershipRunkel, Marco / Becker, Johannes
2008 Agglomeration, tax competition, and fiscal equalizationWrede, Matthias
2003 Decentralized Taxation and the Size of Government: Evidence from Swiss State and Local GovernmentsFeld, Lars P. / Kirchgässner, Gebhard / Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2012 Tax interaction among Walloon municipalities: Is there room for yardstick competition, intellectual trend and partisan monopoly effect?Gérard, Marcel / Van Malderen, Laurent
2009 Shadow budgets, fiscal illusion and municipal spending: The case of GermanyHaug, Peter
2010 Property value assessment growth limits, tax base erosion and regional in-migrationSkidmore, Mark / Tosun, Mehmet Serkan
2010 Tax-Competition with Involuntary UnemploymentEichner, Thomas / Upmann, Thorsten
2006 Using a discontinuous grant rule to identify the effect of grants on local taxes and spendingDahlberg, Matz / Mörk, Eva / Rattsø, Jørn / Ågren, Martin

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