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DateTitle Authors
2008 Science-policy communication for improved water resources management: Contributions of the Nostrum-DSS projectDepietri, Yaella / Giupponi, Carlo
2003 The Open Method of Co-ordination on Pensions - An Economic Analysis of its Effects on Pension ReformsEckardt, Martina
2001 Efficiency Properties of Labor Taxation in a Spatial Model of Restricted Labor MobilityGuggenberger, Patrik / Kaul, Ashok / Kolmar, Martin
2013 Do higher corporate taxes reduce wages? Micro evidence from GermanyFuest, Clemens / Peichl, Andreas / Siegloch, Sebastian
2006 Incentives for separation and incentives for public good provisionStaal, Klaas
2006 Size and Soft Budget ConstraintsCrivelli, Ernesto / Staal, Klaas
2007 Horizontal and Vertical Tax Externalities in a Multicountry WorldCrivelli, Ernesto / Volpe Martincus, Christian
2003 National Interference in Local Public Good ProvisionDur, Robert / Staal, Klaas
2006 Ex-post redistribution in a federation: implications for corrective policyKoethenbuerger, Marko
2006 The impact of globalization on the composition of government expenditures: evidence from panel dataDreher, Axel / Sturm, Jan-Egbert / Ursprung, Heinrich W.

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