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DateTitle Authors
2013 Schulden, Schuldenbremsen und StaatsverschuldungHomburg, Stefan
2012 Ein differenzierter Blick auf einen Euro-Austritt GriechenlandsXouridas, Stergios
2012 Rules of contracting debt by territorial self-government unitsReśko, Dariusz / Wolowiec, Tomasz
2014 Political Competition and the Limits of Political CompromiseCunha, Alexandre B. / Ornelas, Emanuel
2010 Strategic debt management within a Revised Stability and Growth PactSieg, Gernot / Stegemann, Ulrike
2011 Ramifications of debt restructuring on the euro area: The example of large European economies' exposure to GreeceBelke, Ansgar / Dreger, Christian
2013 Sovereign Asset Values and Implications for the Credit MarketPosch, Peter N / Kalteier, Eva-Maria
2013 Fiscal Adjustments and the Probability of Sovereign DefaultSchaltegger, Christoph / Weder, Martin
2014 Race to the debt trap? Spatial econometric evidence on debt in German municipalitiesFossen, Frank M. / Freier, Ronny / Martin, Thorsten
2008 A importância das cotas para a focalização do Programa Bolsa Famíliade Barros, Ricardo Paes / de Carvalho, Mirela / Franco, Samuel / Mendonça, Rosane

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