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DateTitle Authors
2010 Changes in the fiscal stance and the composition of public spendingStanécík, Juraj / Välilä, Timo
2013 Currency wars not public debt may create a financial meltdownPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard
2007 Procyclicality or reverse causality?Jaimovich, Dany / Panizza, Ugo
2005 The Political Economy of the German Länder DeficitsJochimsen, Beate / Nuscheler, Robert
1998 Fiscal policy cycles and the exchange regime in developing countriesSchuknecht, Ludger
2010 The economic consequences of rising US government debt: privileges at riskBohn, Henning
1998 Fiscal policy cycles and public expenditure in developing countriesSchuknecht, Ludger
2007 What determines fiscal policy? Evidence from German statesBerger, Helge / Holler, Anika
2006 The design of fiscal rules and forms of governance in European Union countriesHallerberg, Mark / Strauch, Rolf / von Hagen, Jürgen
2006 Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Performance in the EU and Japanvon Hagen, Jürgen

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