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DateTitle Authors
2004 Outsourcing of Public Service Provision: When is it More Efficient?Sørensen, Peter Birch
2010 Measuring transparency in public spending: Case of Czech public e-procurement information systemChvalkovská, Jana / Skuhrovec, Jiří
2014 Foreign Bidders Going Once, Going Twice... Protection in Government Procurement AuctionsCole, Matthew T. / Davies, Ronald B.
2005 To draft or not to draft? : Efficiency, generational incidence, and political economy of military conscriptionPoutvaara, Panu / Wagener, Andreas
2014 Security Gradient and National Defense - The Optimal Choice between a Draft Army and a Professional ArmyKanniainen, Vesa / Ringbom, Staffan
2003 Assessing Social Costs of Inefficient Procurement DesignEklöf, Matias
2013 Procurement and Predation: Dynamic Sourcing from Financially Constrained SuppliersArve, Malin
2013 Probabilistic Procurement AuctionsGiebe, Thomas / Schweinzer, Paul
2001 Limited Liability and Option Contracts in Models with Sequential InvestmentsLülfesmann, Christoph
2001 Strategic Defection in Bilateral TradeLülfesmann, Christoph

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