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1999 Die Abfallwirtschaft als Teilbereich der kommunalen Umweltpolitik: Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der kreisfreien Stadt Augsburg, des Landkreises Augsburg und des Landkreises Aichach-FriedbergLudin, Daniela / Rahmeyer, Fritz
1999 Corporate taxation, profit shifting, and the efficiency of public input provisionHaufler, Andreas / Schjelderup, Guttorm
2011 Poverty, indigence and public investment in Bolivia: A simulation analysisAliaga Lordemann, Javier / Villegas Quino, Horacio
2002 Inequality, politics and economic growthChakrabarty, Debajyoti
2004 The provision of public inputs in a federation under asymmetric informationKrause, Günter
2010 Bewertungsmodell der musealen Kunstgegenstände von KommunenHeld, Bärbel
2014 Weak investment in the EU: A long-term cross-sectoral phenomenonGornig, Martin / Schiersch, Alexander
2008 Assigning tasks in public infrastructure projects: Specialized private agents or public private partnerships?Morasch, Karl / Tóth, Rita Orsolya
2009 How does EU cohesion policy work? Evaluating its effects on fiscal outcome variablesHagen, Tobias / Mohl, Philipp
2010 Total costs and budgetary effects of adaptation to climate change: An assessment for the European UnionOsberghaus, Daniel / Reif, Christiane

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