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DateTitle Authors
2004 The welfare state redistribution and the economy : reciprocal altruism, consumer rivalry and second bestvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2005 Early retirement and social security : a long term perspectiveConde-Ruiz, Jose Ignacio / Galasso, Vincenzo / Profeta, Paola
2005 Sustainable social spendingLindbeck, Assar
2005 New evidence on fiscal decentralization and the size of governmentFiva, Jon H.
2012 Activation and employment support policies in OECD countries: An overview of current approachesImmervoll, Herwig / Scarpetta, Stefano
2006 A model of income insurance and social normsLindbeck, Assar / Persson, Mats
2008 Uma metodologia simplificada de estimação da carga tributária líquida brasileira trimestral no período 1995-2007dos Santos, Cláudio H.
2009 Housing, energy cost, and the poor: counteracting effects in Germany's housing allowance programGrösche, Peter
2012 Estimating dynamic income responses to tax changes Massarrat-Mashhadi: Evidence from GermanyMassarrat-Mashhadi, Nima / Werdt, Clive
2011 Knowledge is power: A theory of information, income, and welfare spendingLind, Jo Thori / Rohner, Dominic

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