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DateTitle Authors
2013 Portability of social benefits and international trade in services: Some reflectionsValdés-Prieto, Salvador
2013 The Economic Case for Devoting Public Resources to HealthBloom, David E. / Fink, Günther
2013 The effects of expanding the generosity of the statutory sickness insurance systemZiebarth, Nicolas / Karlsson, Martin
2012 Drivers of health care expenditure: Does Baumol's cost disease loom large?Colombier, Carsten
2011 Premium subsidies and social insurance: Substitutes or complements?Kifmann, Mathias / Roeder, Kerstin
2005 (Teil-)Privatisierung mit sozialer Flankierung: Ein geeignetes Mittel zur langfristigen Sicherung der Gesundheits- und Pflegevorsorge?Fetzer, Stefan / Häcker, Jasmin / Hagist, Christian
2004 Soziale Experimente mit dem Pflegebudget (2004-2008): Konzeption des EvaluationsdesignsArntz, Melanie / Spermann, Alexander
2005 Does Public Scientific Research Complement Industry R&D Investment? The Case of NIH Supported Basic and Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Industry R&DToole, Andrew A.
2011 The impact of public basic research on industrial innovation: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industryToole, Andrew A.
2002 Moral Hazard, Market Power, and Second Best Health InsuranceWigger, Berthold U. / Anlauf, Markus

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