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2005 Prioritizing public health expenditures when there is a private alternativeHoel, Michael
2003 A Note on Health Insurance and GrowthBräuninger, Michael
2009 Health insurance tax credits and health insurance coverage of low-earning single mothersCebi, Merve / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2010 The long-term care system in DenmarkSchulz, Erika
2013 The Economic Case for Devoting Public Resources to HealthBloom, David E. / Fink, Günther
2015 Can Helping the Sick Hurt the Able? Incentives, Information and Disruption in a Disability-Related Welfare ReformBagaria, Nitika / Petrongolo, Barbara / Van Reenen, John
2015 Vog: Using Volcanic Eruptions to Estimate the Health Costs of ParticulatesHalliday, Timothy J. / Lynham, John / de Paula, Aureo
2012 Drivers of health care expenditure: Does Baumol's cost disease loom large?Colombier, Carsten
2011 Premium subsidies and social insurance: Substitutes or complements?Kifmann, Mathias / Roeder, Kerstin
2005 (Teil-)Privatisierung mit sozialer Flankierung: Ein geeignetes Mittel zur langfristigen Sicherung der Gesundheits- und Pflegevorsorge?Fetzer, Stefan / Häcker, Jasmin / Hagist, Christian

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