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2010 Changes in the fiscal stance and the composition of public spendingStanécík, Juraj / Välilä, Timo
16-Jun-2015 Does government size affect per-capita income growth? A Hierarchical meta-regression analysisAwaworyi Churchill, Sefa / Yew, Siew Ling / Ugur, Mehmet
2006 A disaggregated framework for the analysis of structural developments in public financesKremer, Jana / Braz, Cláudia Rodrigues / Brosens, Teunis / Langenus, Geert / Momigliano, Sandro / Spolander, Mikko
2014 Government Forecasts of Budget Balances Under Asymmetric Loss: International EvidenceRülke, Jan-Christoph / Pierdzioch, Christian
2010 Transmission of Government Spending Shocks in the Euro Area: Time Variation and Driving ForcesKirchner, Markus / Cimadomo, Jacopo / Hauptmeier, Sebastian
2013 Do Public Investments Increase Employment in a Recession? Evidence from GermanyBuchheim, Lukas / Watzinger, Martin
2005 Migration and the Welfare State: The Economic Power of the Non-Voter?Boerner, Kira / Uebelmesser, Silke
2013 The dark side of fiscal stimulusStrulik, Holger / Trimborn, Timo
2010 Interactions between private and public sector wagesAfonso, António / Gomes, Pedro
2011 Inequality perceptions, distributional norms, and redistributive preferences in East and West GermanyKuhn, Andreas

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