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DateTitle Authors
2011 Including jobs in benefit-cost analysisBartik, Timothy J.
2005 Do job search rules and reemployment services reduce insured unemployment?O'Leary, Christopher J. / Wandner, Stephen A.
2004 Using administrative data for workforce development program evaluationHollenbeck, Kevin
2012 Escaping the repugnant conclusion: Rank-discounted utilitarianism with variable populationAsheim, Geir B. / Zuber, Stéphane
2010 A New Cost-Benefit and Rate of Return Analysis for the Perry Preschool Program: A SummaryHeckman, James J. / Moon, Seong Hyeok / Pinto, Rodrigo / Savelyev, Peter / Yavitz, Adam
2010 Mit Workfare aus der Sozialhilfe? Lehren aus einem ModellprojektSchneider, Hilmar / Uhlendorff, Arne / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2009 On the Relation between Dual-Rate Discounting and SubstitutabilityKögel, Tomas
2006 Estimating the Value of Safety with Labor Market Data: Are the Results Trustworthy?Hintermann, Beat / Alberini, Anna / Markandya, Anil
2004 What Determines Evaluation Outcomes? Evidence from Bi- and Multilateral Development CooperationMichaelowa, Katharina / Borrmann, Axel
2008 Implications of diverging social and private discount rates for investments in the German power industry: a new case for nuclear energy?Heinzel, Christoph

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