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2006 Wirksamkeit der Förderung der beruflichen Weiterbildung vor und nach den Hartz-ReformenBonin, Holger / Schneider, Hilmar
2002 Removing the Veil of Ignorance in Assessing the Distributional Impacts of Social PoliciesCarneiro, Pedro / Hansen, Karsten T. / Heckman, James Joseph
2002 The Evidence on Credit Constraints in Post-Secondary SchoolingCarneiro, Pedro / Heckman, James Joseph
2012 The effectiveness of public sponsored training revisited: The importance of data and methodological choicesBiewen, Martin / Fitzenberger, Bernd / Osikominu, Aderonke / Paul, Marie
2005 Identifying effect heterogeneity to improve the efficiency of job creation schemes in GermanyCaliendo, Marco / Hujer, Reinhard / Thomsen, Stephan L.
2006 Get training or wait?: long-run employment effects of training programs for the unemployed in West GermanyFitzenberger, Bernd / Osikominu, Aderonke / Völter, Robert
2011 Passenger transport planning. A benefit-cost analysis of the high speed railway: The case of SpainCasares, Pedro / Coto-Millán, Pablo
2005 The microeconometric estimation of treatment effects: an overviewCaliendo, Marco / Hujer, Reinhard
2010 Start-up subsidies for the unemployed: Long-term evidence and effect heterogeneityCaliendo, Marco / Künn, Steffen
2006 Measuring the value of a statistical life: problems and prospectsAshenfelter, Orley C.

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