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DateTitle Authors
2005 Supplier discretion over provision : theory and an application to medical careMalcomson, James M.
2011 Gargalos e demandas da infraestrutura rodoviária e os investimentos do PAC: Mapeamento Ipea de obras rodoviáriasCampos Neto, Carlos Alvares da Silva / Pereira Soares, Ricardo / Melo Ferreira, Insã / Mezadre Pompermayer, Fabiano / Romminger, Alfredo Eric
2003 The impact of active labor market programs on municipal servicesMörk, Eva
2013 Cooperation under punishment: Imperfect information destroys it and centralizing punishment does not helpFischer, Sven / Grechenig, Kristoffel / Meier, Nicolas
2011 Returns to education across Europe: A comparative analysis for selected EU countriesGlocker, Daniela / Steiner, Viktor
2009 Hospital competition and quality with regulated pricesBrekke, Kurt R. / Siciliani, Luigi / Straume, Odd Rune
2009 Asymmetric tax competition with formula apportionmentWrede, Matthias
2009 Does arbitration blossom when state courts are bad?Voigt, Stefan
2009 Multinational capital structure and tax competitionWrede, Matthias
2004 Redistribution, In-Kind Transfers and Matching Grants when the Federal Government Lacks Information on Local CostsBlomquist, Sören / Micheletto, Luca

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