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2014 Improving voluntary public good provision by a non-governmental, endogenous matching mechanism: Experimental evidenceReif, Christiane / Rübbelke, Dirk / Löschel, Andreas
2009 Group specific public goods, orchestration of interest groups and free ridingEpstein, Gil S. / Mealem, Yosef
2013 Who cares for social image? Interactions between intrinsic motivation and social image concernsFriedrichsen, Jana / Engelmann, Dirk
2013 In the long-run we are all dead: On the benefits of peer punishment in rich environmentsEngelmann, Dirk / Nikiforakis, Nikos
2013 Investment and adaptation as commitment devices in climate politicsHeuson, Clemens / Peters, Wolfgang / Schwarze, Reimund / Topp, Anna-Katharina
2013 Negotiating Environmental Agreements under Ratification UncertaintyKöke, Sonja / Lange, Andreas
2013 Problemas de ação coletiva: Cooperação e deserçãoMelo, Valdir
2009 Gargalos e demandas da infraestrutura portuária e os investimentos do PAC: Mapeamento IPEA de obras portuáriasCampos Neto, Carlos Alvares da Silva / Pêgo Filho, Bolívar / Romminger, Alfredo Eric / Ferreira, Iansã Melo / Vasconcelos, Leonardo Fernandes S.
2012 Heterogeneity and cooperation in privileged groups: The role of capability and valuation on public goods provisionKolle, Felix
2004 Public-good valuation and intrafamily allocationStrand, Jon

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