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2013 Improving global public goods supply through conditional transfers: The international adaptation transfer riddleKaren, Pittel / Rübbelke, Dirk
2009 Existence and warr neutrality for matching equilibria in a public good economy: an aggregative game approachBuchholz, Wolfgang / Cornes, Richard / Rübbelke, Dirk T. G.
2013 How low can you go? Charity reporting when donations signal income and generosityBracha, Anat / Vesterlund, Lise
2007 Public goods provision and sanctioning in privileged groupsReuben, Ernesto / Riedl, Arno
2001 Dynamic Voluntary Contribution to a Public Good: Learning to be a Free RiderClemens, Christiane / Riechmann, Thomas
2014 Leaders as Role Models for the Voluntary Provision of Public GoodsGaechter, Simon / Renner, Elke
2013 Does the market value value-added? Evidence from housing prices after a public release of school and teacher value-addedImberman, Scott Andrew / Lovenheim, Michael
2014 How peer-punishment affects cooperativeness in homogeneous and heterogeneous groups: A public goods experiment with social identityBicskei, Marianna / Lankau, Matthias / Bizer, Kilian
2011 Rethinking the world of aid in the twenty first centuryHeller, Peter S.
2012 Cooperation is relative: Income and framing effects with public goodsBrekke, Kjell Arne / Konow, James / Nyborg, Karine

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