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DateTitle Authors
2004 Comments on "The optimal supply of public goods and the distortionary cost of taxation" by Louis Kaplow (National Tax Journal, 1996, 513-32)Usher, Dan
2013 Cooperation preferences and framing effectsDariel, Aurélie
2006 Who's afraid of foreign aid?: the donors' perspectiveChong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2005 Altruism and charitable giving in a fully replicated economyGaube, Thomas
2005 Second-best pollution taxation and environmental qualityGaube, Thomas
2005 Ostracism and the provision of a public goodMaier-Rigaud, Frank P. / Martinsson, Peter / Staffiero, Gianandrea
2006 Ratification quotas in international agreements. An example of emission reductionKohnz, Simone
2008 Foreign aid, infrastructure development and welfare: An intertemporal analysisDjajić, Slobodan
2011 Matching as a cure for underprovision of voluntary public good supply: Analysis and an exampleBuchholz, Wolfgang / Cornes, Richard / Rübbelke, Dirk
2008 Public goods, social norms and naive beliefsCartwright, Edward / Patel, Amrish

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