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DateTitle Authors
2008 Public investment in developing countries: A blessing or a curse?Cavallo, Eduardo / Daude, Christian
2013 Play it again: Partner choice, reputation building and learning in restarting, finitely-repeated dilemma gamesKamei, Kenju / Putterman, Louis
2014 A threshold for biological altruism in public goods games played in groups including kinRusch, Hannes
2013 How low can you go? Charity reporting when donations signal income and generosityBracha, Anat / Vesterlund, Lise
2001 Dynamic Voluntary Contribution to a Public Good: Learning to be a Free RiderClemens, Christiane / Riechmann, Thomas
2014 How peer-punishment affects cooperativeness in homogeneous and heterogeneous groups: A public goods experiment with social identityBicskei, Marianna / Lankau, Matthias / Bizer, Kilian
2011 Rethinking the world of aid in the twenty first centuryHeller, Peter S.
2012 Cooperation is relative: Income and framing effects with public goodsBrekke, Kjell Arne / Konow, James / Nyborg, Karine
2013 On the efficient provision of public goods by means of lotteriesFranke, Jörg / Leininger, Wolfgang
2007 The impact of direct democracy on public education: Evidence for Swiss students in reading, mathematics and natural scienceFischer, Justina A. V.

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