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DateTitle Authors
2010 Sharing competences: The impact of local institutional settings on voter turnoutMichelsen, Claus / Bönisch, Peter / Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.
2011 Public providers, versus private providers, of public goods: A general equilibrium study of the role of the stateEconomides, George / Philippopoulos, Apostolis / Vassilatos, Vanghelis
2010 The marginal cost of public funds is oneJacobs, Bas
2002 Democratic Mechanisms: Double Majority Rules and Flexible Agenda CostsGersbach, Hans
2005 Effects of decentralization on school resourcesAhlin, Åsa / Mörk, Eva
2008 The effect of trade openness on optimal government size under endogenous firm entryHanslin, Sandra
2000 Demand for Local Public Schooling: Another Brick in the Wall.Ahlin, Åsa / Johansson, Eva
2010 Dynamic cost-benefit analysis of large projects: The role of capital costsLi, Chuan-Zhong / Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf
2002 Back to Kyoto? US Participation and the Linkage between R&D and Climate CooperationBuchner, Barbara / Carraro, Carlo / Cersosimo, Igor / Marchiori, Carmen
2013 Impure Prosocial Motivation in Charity Provision: Warm-Glow Charities and Implications for Public FundingScharf, Kimberley Ann

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