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DateTitle Authors
2013 Development through Empowerment: Delivering Effective Public Services - A Literature ReviewXu, Guo
2016 Exploring public perception of environmental technology over timeBraun, Carola / Rehdanz, Katrin / Schmidt, Ulrich
2005 The Economics of Solidarity: A Conceptual FrameworkKritikos, Alexander S. / Bolle, Friedel / Tan, Jonathan H. W.
2013 The Law of Urban Growth and the Local Public SectorHartwick, John
2007 Effects of decentralization on school resources: Sweden 1989-2002Mörk, Eva / Ahlin, Åsa
2004 Do Politicians’ Preferences Correspond to those of the Voters? An Investigation of Political RepresentationDahlberg, Matz / Mörk, Eva / Ågren, Hanna
2009 Minority voting and public project provisionGersbach, Hans
2012 An investigation of individual preferences: Consistency across incentives and stability over timeMentzakis, Emmanouil / Zhang, Jingjing
2004 Optimal Income Taxation, Public-Goods Provision and Public-Sector Pricing : A Contribution to the Foundations of Public EconomicsHellwig, Martin
2010 The Theory of Incentive Mechanisms and the Samuelson Critique of a Contractarian Approach to Public-Good ProvisionBierbrauer, Felix / Hellwig, Martin

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