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DateTitle Authors
2011 Leadership and influence: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment on local public good provisionD'Adda, Giovanna
2007 Schooling and Citizenship: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling ReformsSiedler, Thomas
2015 Illegal Immigration and Fiscal CompetitionBandyopadhyay, Subhayu / Pinto, Santiago M.
2005 Immigration and public spendingBöheim, René / Mayr, Karin
2010 An enabling mechanism for the creation, adjustment, and dissolution of states and governmental unitsHausken, Kjell / Knutsen, John F.
2006 Household wealth and the measurement of economic well-being in the United StatesWolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit
2006 Size and Soft Budget ConstraintsCrivelli, Ernesto / Staal, Klaas
2002 From Public Monopsony to Competitive Market: More Efficiency but Higher PricesDelfgaauw, Josse / Dur, Robert A.J.
2012 Cooperation preferences in the provision of public goods: An experimental study on the effects of social identityLankau, Matthias / Bicskei, Marianna / Bizer, Kilian
2015 Mind the Gap: Crowd-Funding and the Role of Seed MoneyDeutsch, Joseph / Epstein, Gil S. / Nir, Alon

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