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2008 Do employment subsidies work? Evidence from regionally targeted subsidies in TurkeyBetcherman, Gordon / Daysal, N. Meltem / Pagés, Carmen
2000 Why is the Corporation Tax Not Neutral? Anticipated Tax Reform, Investment Spurts and Corporate BorrowingAlvarez JR, Luis / Kanniainen, Vesa / Södersten, Jan
2008 Which Communities should be afraid of mobility?: the effects of agglomeration economies on the sensitivity of firm location to local taxesJofre-Monseny, Jordi / Solé-Ollé, Albert
2014 Tax Aspects of Mergers and Cross-Border MergersŽárová, Marcela / Skálová, Jana
2011 The effect of agglomeration size on local taxesLuthi, Eva / Schmidheiny, Kurt
2012 Italy's ACE tax and its effect on a firm's leveragePanteghini, Paolo / Parisi, Maria Laura / Pighetti, Francesca
2009 Besteuerungsprinzipien und effektive Unternehmenssteuerbelastungen in der Europäischen UnionElschner, Christina / Heckemeyer, Jost Henrich / Spengel, Christoph
1998 The taxation of discrete investment choicesDevereux, Michael / Griffith, Rachel
2013 Tax Competition, Investment Irreversibility and the Provision of Public GoodsMoretto, Michele / Panteghini, Paolo / Vergalli, Sergio
2008 Strategic consolidation under formula apportionmentBuettner, Thiess / Riedel, Nadine / Runkel, Marco

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