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2009 The optimal choice of a reference standard for income comparisons: indirect evidence from immigrants' return visitsStichnoth, Holger
2011 Intrinsic work motivation and pension reform acceptanceHeinemann, Friedrich / Hennighausen, Tanja / Moessinger, Marc-Daniel
2013 Subsidizing Health-Conscious Behavior Now or LaterDanilowicz, Kamila / Schwager, Robert
2013 Consumer demand system estimation and value added tax reforms in the Czech RepublicJanský, Petr P. J.
2014 The effects of family policy on mothers' labor supply: Combining evidence from a structural model and a natural experimentGeyer, Johannes / Haan, Peter / Wrohlich, Katharina
2014 Social norms and mothers' labor market attachment: The medium-run effects of parental benefitsKluve, Jochen / Schmitz, Sebastian
2014 Estimating a consumer demand system of energy, mobility and leisure: A microdata approach for GermanyBeznoska, Martin
2014 Zur Effizienz der ehe- und familienbezogenen Leistungen in Deutschland im Hinblick auf soziale Sicherungs- und BeschäftigungszieleBonin, Holger / Schnabel, Reinhold / Stichnoth, Holger
2013 Public attitudes toward fiscal consolidation: Evidence from a representative German Population SurveyHayo, Bernd / Neumeier, Florian
2014 Using a temporary indirect tax cut as a fiscal stimulus: Evidence from the UKCrossley, Thomas F. / Low, Hamish W. / Sleeman, Cath

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