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2007 Protestantism and government spendig: A negative relationship? An empirical application to Swiss CantonsFischer, Justina A. V. / Schneider, Friedrich
2013 Uncertain fiscal consolidationsBi, Huixin / Leeper, Eric M. / Leith, Campbell
2012 Nice guys finish last: Are people with higher tax morale taxed more heavily?Philipp Doerrenberg / Denvil Duncan / Clemens Fuest / Andreas Peichl
2010 Toward a Taylor rule for fiscal policyKliem, Martin / Kriwoluzky, Alexander
2004 How effective are automatic stabilisers? Theory and empirical results for Germany and other OECD countriesTödter, Karl-Heinz / Scharnagl, Michael
2012 Fiscal Deficits, Financial Fragility, and the Effectiveness of Government PoliciesKirchner, Markus / van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2013 The Non-Equivalence of Labor Market Taxes: A Real-Effort ExperimentWeber, Matthias / Schram, Arthur
2013 Long Term Government Debt, Financial Fragility and Sovereign Default Riskvan der Kwaak, Christiaan / van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2014 How do employment tax credits work? An analysis of the German inheritance taxFranke, Benedikt / Simons, Dirk / Voeller, Dennis
2013 Financial Fragility, Sovereign Default Risk and the Limits to Commercial Bank Bail-outsvan Wijnbergen, Sweder / van der Kwaak, Christiaan

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