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2010 Fiscal rules and composition bias in OECD countriesDahan, Momi / Strawczynski, Michel
2010 Transmission of Government Spending Shocks in the Euro Area: Time Variation and Driving ForcesKirchner, Markus / Cimadomo, Jacopo / Hauptmeier, Sebastian
2010 Fiscal Illusion and Fiscal Obfuscation:An Empirical Study of Tax Perception in SwedenSanandaji, Tino / Wallace, Björn
1998 Tying governments' hands in commodity taxationSchuknecht, Ludger
2005 The Social Cost of Optimal Taxes in an Imperfectly Competitive EconomySelim, Sheikh
2013 Modelling the Fiscal Reaction Functions of the GIPS Based on State-Varying ThresholdsLegrenzi, Gabriella Deborah / Milas, Costas
2001 Welfare Policies, Labour Taxation and International IntegrationAndersen, Torben M.
2010 Fiscal Multipliers and the Labour Market in the Open EconomyMerkl, Christian / Faia, Ester / Lechthaler, Wolfgang
2010 Fiscal multipliers and the labour market in the open economyFaia, Ester / Lechthaler, Wolfgang / Merkl, Christian
2010 Dívida pública afeta variáveis reais? Um teste alternativo da equivalência Ricardiana por meio de testes de superexogeneidade em séries simuladasSachsida, Adolfo / Carlucci, Fabio Nogueira

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