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DateTitle Authors
2004 How effective are automatic stabilisers? Theory and empirical results for Germany and other OECD countriesTödter, Karl-Heinz / Scharnagl, Michael
2014 Revisiting the Narrative Approach of Estimating Fiscal MultipliersHebous, Shafik / Zimmermann, Tom
2008 More groups, cheaper reforms?Ahlfeld, Corinna
2010 Sovereign Risk and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in an Emerging Market EconomyKirchner, Markus / Rieth, Malte
2007 Debt sustainability under catastrophic risk: The case for government budget insuranceBorensztein, Eduardo / Cavallo, Eduardo / Valenzuela, Patricio
2010 Implementable Fiscal Policy RulesKliem, Martin / Kriwoluzky, Alexander
2010 Transmission of Government Spending Shocks in the Euro Area: Time Variation and Driving ForcesKirchner, Markus / Cimadomo, Jacopo / Hauptmeier, Sebastian
2005 The Social Cost of Optimal Taxes in an Imperfectly Competitive EconomySelim, Sheikh
2010 Dívida pública afeta variáveis reais? Um teste alternativo da equivalência Ricardiana por meio de testes de superexogeneidade em séries simuladasSachsida, Adolfo / Carlucci, Fabio Nogueira
1998 Real wage rigidities, fiscal policy, and the stability of EMU in the transition phaseBerthold, Norbert

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