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DateTitle Authors
2000 The Increase of the size of the shadow economy of 18 OECD countries: Some preliminary explanationsSchneider, Friedrich
2010 Fixed-term and permanent employment contracts: Theory and evidenceCao, Shutao / Shao, Enchuan / Silos, Pedro
2008 Who's afraid of an EU tax and why? Revenue system preferences in the European ParliamentMohl, Philipp / Heinemann, Friedrich / Osterloh, Steffen
2013 Grundsteuer: Gemeindesteuer und "Reichensteuer"?Broer, Michael
2004 Stamp duty on shares and its effect on share pricesBond, Steve / Hawkins, Mike / Klemm, Alexander
2006 Greed, impatience and exchange rate determinationBohn, Frank
2003 Car Age, Taxation, Scrappage Premiums and the ELV DirectiveSandström, F. Mikael
2009 Subsidies and exports in Germany: first evidence from enterprise panel dataGirma, Sourafel / Görg, Holger / Wagner, Joachim
2006 Subventionen in Deutschland: Eine BestandsaufnahmeBoss, Alfred / Rosenschon, Astrid
2014 The Organic Food Premium: A Canterbury TaleGschwandtner, Adelina

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